150 Years Throughout History


On June 19, 1864 the Union troops marched their way into the city of Marietta, Ga. The troops were set out to make an attack on the Confederate soldiers at Kennesaw Mountain. This year will mark the sequential year since the beginning of the civil war.

ATLANTA–This year marks the 150th year since the Civil war battles in Marietta, Georgia. The city of Marietta will mark this important year by having multiple events and activities throughout the spring and summer months. The city of Marietta will offer many family friendly events for guests to come and enjoy. The purpose of this time is to remember the men who risked their lives fighting atop Kennesaw Mountain.

“The history of the City of Marietta is rich and it needs to be shown to the generations that are constantly on their electronic devices,” said Robert Lee. “ It shows how hard the men had to work for all of us to be here today.”

The 150th anniversary will mark and symbolize what all the United States has gone through to get to this point.


The city of Marietta is rich in history. The city was founded back in 1834 and has a rich history regarding the Civil War. The Battle at Kennesaw Mountain began on June 27, 1864 and the troops lost around 3,000 men in the process.

Kennesaw Mountain is now a national park that has close to 3,000 acres of battlegrounds and trails. The park is open to the public to partake in the grounds and activities provided. The battle held at Kennesaw Mountain was one of the most significant attacks the Union Army held against the Confederate.

The city chooses to recognize The Battle at Kennesaw Mountain throughout the spring and summer months.


(Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield)


“There will be many family friendly activities that will allow everyone to participate in our rich history,” said Jessica Henriquez, a Marietta City worker, “It will be nice for our city to share part of it’s past with others.”

Jessica has been an employee of Marietta City since, 2012 and she is very excited to see everyone come out for the events.

Through the events participants will be able to follow the footsteps of the soldiers who fought in the Civil War. Participants will hear the stories of their sacrifices and learn the history of our founding fathers.

 Activities include:

  • Live artillery demonstrations
  • Hikes that will retrace the soldier’s steps
  • Confederate and Union soldier reenactments
  • Live music, exhibits, and noted authors
  • Tours of old Civil War hospitals

The first event will be April 19, giving the local residents and tourists a walk around the historic Marietta Square. The tour will include stops at places that were war hospitals during the Civil War.


The excitement around these events have sparked social media and school concern with students all over. Many people are talking around showing their excitement to the upcoming events.

“I cannot wait to join and take my family and friends to this event. I have young children and I want them to learn about the rich history that made our area what it is today,” said Marietta resident Marcia Rogers.

Many people have shown interest to the events that have never shown before, these events will give a better insight into what people need to know about their hometown.

“I don’t really know as much as I should about the Civil War,” said Charles Statham, Kennesaw State University Student. “I know that troops fought on Kennesaw Mountain, but that’s about it. These events will help me learn more about this area.”


“Stoked about our next Civil War Walking Tour! 4/19 @exploregeorgia”–@mariettamuseum

“Commemorate the #civilwar at these #georgia events ‪budurl.com/tg2c “–@explore georgia

To interact with others on social media the group is asking participants to use the hash tag #mariettacivilwar so that others can share in their tweets.

These events will be going on all spring a summer so it is a great thing to check out!





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